Adding Frameless Shower Doors for a Great Bathroom

One of the great addition and investment into any home is choosing a quality shower door. What frameless shower door is, whether it is better than framed shower door or not and what options that available for consumers are important questions before going shopping for a new shower door.

What is a Frameless Shower Door?

It is a glass shower enclosure that has little or no aluminum around the sides of glass panels. Side panels may be framed with aluminum, but main glass door has no framing, for instance. there is very little noticeable framing in some cases. There is various thickness of glass among products. However, as it provides more advantages, thicker is better.

Is framed better than Frameless?

Aluminum framed all sides of framed doors. It is not necessary to have aluminum in some cases. Because of less metal hardware than framed shower doors, frameless shower door require less maintenance. Even though metals can sometimes be a perfect accent for a shower door, but in appearance, frameless doors are more streamline and artistic than most traditional framed glass doors.  Décor, color scheme, and style determine it.

With a number of various options, frameless shower doors can be equipped. The hardware chosen will really stand out because of the nature of frameless doors. Many beautiful types of handles, hinges, and towel racks that come in a variety of decorative finish options are available. Shower door manufacturers have a number of colors available and will also custom match you décor when necessary, whatever your color scheme.

When you begin planning your shower door, a reliable shower door retailer and installer is the perfect place. The shower door experts are certified shower door installers serving the Mid-Atlantic area and have any kind of shower door. They will get you set with everything you need to know to get your frameless shower door installed.

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